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Our features harness qualitative client feedback and quantitative behavioral data.

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Intelligent & Sophisticated Analytics

Behavioral data clarifies what is resonating with your audience and what isn't

User data integrates with your Salesforce or HubSpot CRM

Learn more about your investors
Tailor your communications for groups of investors

Intuitive Communications & Distribution Tools

Customizable distribution and archiving

CMS supports videos, audio, images, text, presentations, MS Office, custom tags, and email sync


Advanced Security & Compliance Controls

Hosted on enterprise capable T3+ data centers

Optional Blockchain integration for enhanced record keeping

Send secure, private communictions using Blockchain
Customize your portal

Interface & Branding Features

Configured with your firm's logo

Domains are engineered to enable access from your website or from Harvest


Simple & Flexible User Experience

Unlimited admins, users, data and storage

Mobile-friendly for 24/7 connectivity

Provide easy accessibility to your information
Receive onboarding & continued customer support

Seamless Client Onboarding, Setup & Management

Harvest's customer success team helps with setup and training

CRM integraton will connect your systems immediately