Learn More About Your Investors

Gain valuable insight into your communications efforts from overall campaign success down to individual user behavior so you can tailor communication to current and prospective investors the information that they want.

Analytics include:

  • Post Analytics
  • Membership History
  • Activity by members
Learn more about your investors
Tailor your communications for groups of investors

Tailor Your Communications for Groups of Investors

Vosterra's easy-to-use interface allows you the publish content within minutes. Write and format emails directly within the application with the option to embed multimedia content, including videos, so you can send information in the form that investors want.

In addition, Vosterra allows you to create groups of investors to send communications to multiple investors to save time.


Customize Your Portal

Your communication portal can be personalized with your firm’s branding for a seamless investor experience. In addition Vosterra can build custom CRM and API integrations so you can match with insights from Vosterra with your current databases.

Customize your portal
Provide easy accessibility to your information

Provide Easy Accessibility to Your Information

Vosterra is mobile friendly so your users can access information at their convenience anywhere, anytime. Content tagging tools allows you to organize your content so that your investors can easily find the information they need.


Send Secure, Private Communications

With an invitation only system, plus servers hosted in T3+ data centers, you can be assured that the communication that you are sending is safe and private. And since the site is maintained by Vosterra, your IT team can have one less thing to worry about.

Send secure, private communictions using Blockchain
Receive onboarding & continued customer support

Receive Onboarding & Continued Customer Support

Although Vosterra has a simple easy-to-use interface for both you and your investors, our customer success team will help you get up and running and provide support whenever needed.